About Us

About Us

Non Profit Elderly Care

Aging True is a non-profit, charitable organization enabling home-based senior independence in Northeast Florida. We have served hundreds of thousands of seniors, their families and the community in our five decades of operation. Through the services our professionals developed and administer, we provide seniors with the care and assistance they need to live independently. Our health, nutritional and financial care programs are designed specifically to serve and educate the frail elderly and disabled in our region.

Our mission is to provide essential and innovative services and care for individuals, families and communities throughout Northeast Florida to prepare for and support graceful aging.

Aging True services reach thousands of seniors living in Northeast Florida each year. Our dedicated focus on the needs of seniors is steadfast, and as the number of seniors in need continues to grow, our programs and services become even more vital.

AGING TRUE . 4250 Lakeside Drive Suite 116 . Jacksonville, Florida 32210 . Phone (904) 807-1203

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