Self Directed Care Recovery Coach

This is a contract position within the Self Directed Care Program here at Aging True.


Recovery Coaching is the service of advocating, identifying, developing, coordinating and accessing supports and services on behalf of a Participant and/or potential Participant, or assisting the Participant or family to access supports and services on their own. These services may be provided through Florida Medicaid, as well as needed medical, social, educational, other appropriate services, and community resources regardless of the funding source through which access is gained. Purpose of Recovery Coaching Services is to create and maintain an environment in which Participants can freely navigate the road to recovery on their own terms, making informed choices along the way to achieve a state of mental wellness and to return to or achieve a productive lifestyle. The Recovery Coach has primary responsibility for:

  • Assisting potential Participants throughout the entire enrollment process;
  • Working alongside program Participants as equals and as colleagues;
  • Respecting each Participant’s right to choose how he/she travels the road to recovery and what path he/she chooses to follow;
  • Ensuring Participant safety, but not using safety as a justification to deny choice;
  • Ensuring that Participant voices are heard and responded to in a-respectful and timely manner;
  • Ensuring that the program adheres to the original intent of the grass-roots planners;
  • Ensuring that the program adheres to state and federal laws and regulations;
  • Ensuring access and choice, and objective support and education;
  • Promoting and encouraging innovation; and
  • Adhering to and improving upon best practices as these practices relate to self-determination and independent brokerage services.

Recovery Coaches promote the dignity and respect for each Participant with regard to the Participant’s personal privacy, sharing personal information and making decisions.

Recovery Coaches promote the health, safety and well-being of the recipient; assist the Participant to identify and access formal and informal support systems; assist the Participant to increase or maintain the capacity to direct formal and informal resources; promote advocacy or informed choice for the Participant; provide information regarding the Medicaid fair hearing process; increase the Participant’s involvement in the community; assist the Participant to achieve personal goals; assist the Participant’s efforts toward increased independence.

The Recovery Coach is responsible for providing support to a Participant and/or potential Participant as he/she identifies his/her needs strengths, preferences and future goals (outcomes). From that information, the Recovery Coach assists the potential Participant, assists the potential Participant, as needed, in developing a Life Action Plan.

Once a potential Participant’s Life Action Plan is developed and received by CFI, the Recovery Coach assists the Participant to meet their Life Action Plan outcomes or personal goals by linking the Participant with natural and generic supports and services available through family, friends and community resources. When natural or generic supports are unavailable, or are in the process of development, the Recovery Coach assists the recipient in locating services available through local, state or federal sources.

Experience and Training Requirements

The minimum qualifications to be eligible to provide Recovery Coach services include a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and five (5) years of professional experience in mental health, social work, counseling or a behavioral health field working with individuals with serious mental illnesses or A Master’s degree in a behavioral health field of study and three (3) years of professional experience in mental health, social work , counseling or a behavioral health field working with individuals with serious mental illnesses.

A minimum of 16 hours of pre-service training is required for Independent Contractors to provide Recovery Coach services. This pre-service training shall consist of statewide and local pre-service training that is conducted by LSFHS and/or CFI. The pre-service training shall include orientation to LSFHS, CFI obligations and responsibilities, resources, maintenance of recipient’s demographic information, and general LSFHS and CFI and/or statewide operational procedures.

All Recovery Coaches shall have continuing annual training requirements and shall attend a minimum of 8 hours of job-related in-service training annually. In order to remain eligible to provide Recovery Coach Services, Recovery Coaches shall be re-certified at least every two years, if required by the managing entity and/or CFI. Documentation of all training will be maintained on file by the Contractor and be made available for monitoring and review.

Anyone with these skills that is interested in a challenging and highly rewarding work experience where every day provides an opportunity for growth is encouraged to email their resume to with the Subject Line “SDC Recovery Coach 12/2019”.