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What Aging Should Be

In a culture that views aging as a time of decline, Aging True Community Senior Services guides older individuals to help make their elder years an enriching and graceful culmination of life. We provide seniors with the care and assistance they need to live independently. Join us in celebrating and supporting the gift of aging. Aging gracefully and with dignity is what every person deserves.

“It looks like they prepared it just for me; this food is absolutely delicious.”

Rose Hardaway

Jacksonville, Florida

Rose Hardaway, 90, moved to Jacksonville about nine years ago. She came from Indianapolis, after the passing of her beloved husband, to live with her daughter, Lola, age 71. With Lola as primary caregiver and a senior herself, she reached out to Aging True to help both herself and her mom with this transition.
Ms. Hardaway receives many Aging True services, from a Senior Companion – whom she refers to as her friend and “company keeper” – to personal and in-home care, as well as Meals on Wheels. She enjoys her daily, nutritious hot meal, and says, “it looks like they prepared it just for me; this food is absolutely delicious.”
Both Lola and Rose are thankful for the help of Aging True. “I’ve enjoyed this program,” says Ms. Hardaway, “to come and serve like this, we just love it and everyone is so beautiful.”

“I ended up with the best, and I’m very happy.”

Laveta Mobley

Jacksonville, Florida

Laveta Mobley, 68, has been a Jacksonville resident for over five years. She is a member of the Golden Age Club at her church and has remained as active as possible over the years. However, with the deterioration of her eyesight, her physician felt that Ms. Mobley would benefit from outside assistance, and referred her to Aging True.
“I try to be an independent as I can with my eyesight, ” Ms. Mobley says. She receives personal and in-home health care twice a week, making it possible for her to play bingo, exercise, and connect with her Senior Companion.
“I ended up with the best,” Ms. Mobley says of Aging True, “and I’m very happy.”

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